White Whale


Pongratz Fine Art is pleased to present:


March 14 – April 20
Reception Friday, March 14, 8:00 -11:00p.m.

White Whale is the grand opening group exhibition for Pongratz Fine Art, the fruition of artist Jacob Pongratz’s Successful Kickstarter crowd sourcing campaign. Pongratz Fine Art is the first contemporary gallery in Glastonbury CT located at the freshly reimagined Glen Lochen Center. The show focuses on contemporary works by artists from the NY and CT areas. In Pongratz’s words, “What white whale means to me is the single minded determination to obtain an almost unreachable goal, in regards to my journey, as well as the artists I represent.”

Michelle Asfalg | Anne Bjorkland | John Downing Bonafede | Scott Cousins | Jackie Allen Doucot | Richard Falco | Josh Jayne | Phil Lique | Laura Marsh | Ted Mikulski | CJ Nye | Elisa Pritzker | Ted Salmon | Susan Stiller | David Taylor | Dwight Teal